Qualia is a transit media company that challenges traditional media and provides brands with a unique medium to effectively connect with their target audience, every day.

Our platform is based on a unified fleet of Trishaws vehicles which are monitored via GPS.
We use this platform to provide our clients an untapped canvass to communicate
whilst providing audiences a highly aesthetic experience.

Our Process

rickshaw (2)

Our designers work with your team to create unique eye catching graphics


The vehicles are wrapped carefully with a high quality vinyl wrap using a technique known as Heat Treatment

rickshaw (2)

Inspections are conducted monthly to ensure quality of branding is maintained


A monthly reporting package is prepared for our clients with heat maps and metrics

Heat Map for value prop area
  1. PickMe Trishaws on average travel 100Km a day on fares
  2. Approximately 100,000 rides are completed daily
  3. Prime-time when traditional media is off-peak
  4. Four million people in Colombo during the day and two million by night
  5. There are around 300,000 Trishaws in Colombo and 1.2 million island wide
PickMe Partnership
  1. Unparalleled brand recognition
  2. United fleet of Trishaws
  3. Trained & screened drivers
  4. Customers feel safe in a PickMe
  5. Wide coverage
  1. Heat-maps
  2. Distance traveled
  3. Time spent on fares
  4. Number of hires
Ability to Scale

There are over 300,000 Trishaws in Colombo and 1.2 million island wide

  1. An updated canvas for brands to advertise
  2. Unique, eye catching and something new
  3. Cost effective
  4. Regulatory approvals obtained